Starting up is hard to do. 
After you get beyond the euphoria (or trauma depending on the hour of
the day) of making the big move to leave W-2 employment it is time to get down
organized.  With appreciation to friends
who paved the way before me along with a few good books and websites I made my
checklist! Nothing can start without a checklist!  It was my plan.  The plan was complicated as it was wrapped
around catching up with pent up desire to spend time with family, catch up with
friends and take care of household to do lists long overdue.  Whew…my first two months of “semi-retirement”
were exhausting!  

Back to business…starting up a sole proprietor business is
really not as simple as throwing up a website. First order of business was to
buy a new computer, PC or MAC that was the big question.  Okay, stay with what you know I advised
myself – order Win7 but buy a touch screen tablet notebook to be ready to go to
Win8. I thought I was so smart. That didn’t work out quite as I planned….I asked
for Office 2013. Egad!  Not only a
learning curve but print driver challenges and no help desk to call! 

Then a new cell phone….again I told myself – stay with what
you know…iPhone!  I was excited to
upgrade to the iPhone5.  Only to find
that my favorite Bluetooth hands free headphones won’t work with it.  Again – calls on hold to Apple and the
carrier taking up precious time.  Thank goodness
for Jacques (my number one savior and very technical husband) patience and help
with getting it all to work.

Reality Check Number
One – life without the Service Desk is not for the weak
.  I always appreciated the Service Desk but
never really knew how much I REALLY appreciated them!  Paul B and Robin T – my hat goes out to you
and your team!