One of the best thing about having your own blog is that you
decide the content.  So with that I
decided to take a time out and divert my attention from corporate change today to talk about
life change. Here goes!

Three weeks ago today I flew from our home in Florida to Arizona.
I was headed to spend 2.5 weeks on a limited assignment as on site Grandma to
my two year old granddaughter Paisley while her parents prepared for the birth
of a new son.  This son is our fifth
grandchild.  I anticipated his birth with
great excitement.  My anticipation of
spending an extended period with my granddaughter was top of mind.  My role was to be her primary care giver for
this period.  I hoped I was up for the
task.  I did not expect the life lessons
that I have relearned along the way. 

Along the way, I learned the joy of a smile when I entered her
bedroom the first morning after my arrival and each morning since as we get
ready to start the day.  She knows that I
am there to dress her, feed her, and sit with her through the latest edition of
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  The treat at the
end is that we will dance to the Diggity Dog song.

Along the way I was reminded of the responsibility of
unconditional love when I leave her at nursery school and she turns to give me
a little wave with an air kiss as she walks away.  She trusts that I will be back to pick her up
at day’s end.

Along the way I learned that the classics are meant to be sung at the
top of your lungs in the car.  She taught
me that there is nothing like a round of Old McDonalds and Wheels on the Bus as
a replacement for meditation.  And I too
can learn the moves to Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes.

Along the way I learned patience by taking the time to observe
life around us.   Hurrying will only make
you miss the little ant or flower peeking out from under a rock.  Walking is more than getting from point A to
point B.   It is a new experience with every step if you
slow down to the pace that two year old legs can move you.  

Along the way I learned awe and wonder at life itself.  My grandson was born 5 days later than his
due date. When he did decide to join the world he did not wait.  He was born at home, birthed by my son as I
watched in awe and wonder feeling helpless other than to run for towels, call
the EMT’s and pray like I’ve never prayed before.  My reward was holding him within minutes after
his birth.  Priceless. 

Along the way I learned total acceptance.  The day the baby was born my granddaughter
learned the need to accept sharing her mom and dad with her new little
brother.  Yes she is adjusting but her
little kisses and gentle pats assure me she will be the little guy’s biggest
fan the rest of his life.

Along the way I learned to be flexible.   The plan was for me to be here two and a
half weeks. That proved to be too early, I am needed a bit longer.   I will be here three and a half weeks by the
time I am now scheduled to leave. It isn’t always about the plan – getting the
job done right is most important.  I
wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Change is hard in any aspect of our lives personal and
professional.   The biggest lesson that I
relearned is that we can’t control everything in our life but we can manage how
we deal with it.  We will need to
prioritize what is important and we may need to adjust expectations, but there
is always a way to figure it out.   No matter what the outcome is the lessons
learned are ours to keep. 

Until next time, have a great week!

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