Do you ever wonder why and how you have achieved an admirable level of success and satisfaction with your life despite very humble beginnings?

Were the obstacles and challenges of your early years so great that it was unlikely that you would arrive where you are today? Have you wanted to share your life experiences but did not have a platform for doing so? Have you held back from sharing even with close friends out of pride or embarrassment but would still like to share your story anonymously in hopes of inspiring others to realize that if you could pull yourself up so can they?

My dear friend and colleague Martha Hein and I are collaborating on a book project to bring these stories to life so that others may learn and grow from them. We have gathered together half of the participants needed from our own network. You will be touched and amazed at the heartfelt stories waiting to be shared. We are looking for 3-5 additional participants. All stories shared will be protected by a non-disclosure agreement until published. Participants will be allowed to approve the publish copy and may elect to participate anonymously.

Would you like to share the story of your unlikely road to success? If so, please email me at mary.patry@iteffectivity to discuss the potential of your participating.

What is in it for us you might ask – Nothing other than a chance to bring a different perspective of life to the next generation? A perspective of the power of dreams, character and tenacity to bring about the change we wish to create in our own life. Our intent is to compile the stories, lessons learned, and outcome in the form of a published book.

All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to a charity to be voted on by the subject participants. As such we are working to keep costs low. Please contact me if you have interest in contributing skills such as website development, copy writing, graphic design, public relations, book publishing, etc. All offers to help are most appreciated!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Mary and Martha