Nothing is more exciting for individual contributors than to receive their first leadership position. Excellent technical expertise is what propels them into the people leader role, but it can also be their downfall.  The promise of our collaborative team leader development programs is in transforming the lone wolf technologist into the leader of the pack.  The program can be structured in support of technical team leaders working on collective goals or groups of leaders with common experience and challenges.


Accelerating Team Leadership©

An engaging six-month program that kicks off with a twoday team foundation workshop targeting peer team leaders within the organization. Twelve 2-Hr virtual discussions are held twice per month for 6 months with additional 9- and 12-month check-ins targeting key leadership issues.

Architecting the Technical People Leader©

A collaborative six-month program in which a group of individuals with common experience and requirements kick off their work together in a 3-hour virtual workshop identifying and recognizing growth  opportunities. Two hour virtual meetings are held once per month for 6 months with additional 9- and 12-month check-ins.

Bonus: Individual Leadership Coaching

Every participant has individual coaching throughout the life of the program.