An executive leader is as strong as the team that supports them.

Invest in assuring your team has the skills needed

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Our Targeted Services

IT Executive Advisor

IT Executive Advisory & Coaching

We support CIOs strategic leadership, drive innovation and alleviate pressure from key stakeholders’ engagement.

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IT leadership training & Team Coaching

Accelerating Team Leadership

Our collaborative team leadership development programs promise to transform the lone wolf technologist into the pack leader.

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IT Women Leadership Training

IT Womens’ Mastermind Groups

Empowering women to develop self advocacy and mentoring under the facilitation of experienced CIOs / Executive Coaches.

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Data-Driven Diagnostics

IT Business Value Optimization

Leveraging our extensive industry experience, we provide “actionable” plans that help optimize IT business value and limit risk.

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IT Strategy and Governance

We build on our collective experience as IT leaders to help CIOs align IT to business strategy and governance practices.

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Data-Driven Diagnostics

Data-Driven Diagnostics

By utilizing proven Info~Tech Group and Bates Communication tools, we help IT establish baselines and identify success opportunities.

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We build on your strengths as an IT leader and professional to create the future you want. Working together, we’ll help you gain clarity on how to improve your career and achieve your goals.” – Mary Patry

Who does a C-Level information technology (IT) executive turn to when they need to talk through their challenges? When they are confronted by issues that are not quickly or easily resolved? When they are experiencing self-doubt about their decision-making?

They seek someone with whom they share a high level of executive experience and a deep grounding in technology. They also search for someone with the capacity to understand, appreciate and advise them effectively. They realize they need someone to consult with who understands their world, has faced similar challenges and has a perspective that adds real value.

From strategic planning to executive coaching to service improvements, the ITeffectivity team helps IT Executives put things in perspective to improve their performance and keep them moving forward.