An executive leader is as strong as the team that supports them.

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Our Targeted Services

IT Executive Advisor

IT Executive

At ITeffectivity, we support the CIOs and their leadership team to bridge the gap between technology and business to enhance their strategic leadership, drive innovation, and alleviate the daily pressure from key stakeholders. We do this through a coaching process to improving leadership skills in emotional intelligence, executive presence, and strategic problem-solving. As a result, the CIOs and their leadership team have more confidence in themselves and function stronger as a team.

IT leadership training & Team Coaching

Technical People
Leader Team Coaching

Nothing is more exciting for individual contributors than to receive their first leadership position. Excellent technical expertise is what propels them into the people leader role, but it can also be their downfall.  The promise of our collaborative team leader development programs is in transforming the lone wolf technologist into the leader of the pack.  The program can be structured in support of technical team leaders working on collective goals or groups of leaders with common experience and challenges.

IT Women Leadership Training

IT Women
Leadership Group

When women support other women, amazing things happened. Together, women can do more, go further, and change the world. ITeffectivity offers a six-month mastermind group focused on empowering female IT middle managers. In these groups, peers serve as valuable advocates, advisors, and mentors to each other, facilitated by an experienced executive coach. As a result, members attribute a positive change to the experience while expanding their network and establishing lifelong friendships.

Data-Driven Diagnostics


It is most effective to start every improvement program with establishing a baseline to measure the progress of your efforts along the way.  Without a baseline, it will prove difficult to assess what is working or determine whether you have successfully arrived at the desired outcome. In our diagnostic programs we establish the baseline utilizing an agreed set of survey-based diagnostics and/or workshop-based assessments. We use carefully tailored tools adapted specifically to our practice in partnership with Info-Tech Research Group.

In honor of National Women's History month, we offer a $100 fee reduction when you mention ITWOMEN2021 on your application.

Are you a woman leader in an IT middle management role? Or do you lead women in IT that you want to support their career growth? Please take a few minutes to listen to the women share their experiences from participating in our IT Women Mastermind Group program. A new cohort is starting in April 2021.

In honor of National Women’s History month, we offer a $100 fee reduction when you mention ITWOMEN2021 on your application.