What Our Clients Say

“I must tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. I am so grateful for your generosity of time and guidance. I will never be able to pay you back. Thank you for helping me to get my voice and confidence back. I feel like myself again!”
– Executive Sales Director, Service

  • Working with Mary through a career transition is a surprisingly comforting experience. Change is hard and can be scary facing the unknown, especially mid-career. Mary's approach led me on a journey of refreshing self-discovery; one that reminded me of the many things I often take for granted. There is so much packed in this coaching practice that I think I'll be honing my plan for some time come. In the meantime, the confidence in my path forward has me excited for what is to come. No matter where you are in your career, I highly recommend working with Mary. 

    - Executive Director, PMO
  • Mary possesses great listening capabilities and is a trusted advisor, committed to providing unbiased guidance in a safe/confidential environment. She focuses on eliciting information rather than telling you what to do. She personally helped me makes improvements regarding enhancing my visibility within the organization and improving my perceptions among leadership which, has led to an increase this year in the scope of my responsibilities

    - Sr. Director IT, Building Services
  • Mary combines ability to create leadership and drive focus on execution. Her energy is unbound and her ability to quickly assess any given crises situation and mobilize a resolution with the right people at the right time has never ceased to amaze me. Mary is has a talent for building and healing teams, establishing positive leadership, mentoring and guiding her people with ease and tenacity that I have never seen before.

    - Director, Financial Services
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Mary on a couple of occasions and would gladly do so again. Among her strengths, she is a pragmatic yet strategic thinker who manages to achieve a balance between what must be done now versus foundational work for the future. She is a great collaborator and appreciates sound problem solving approaches."

    - Principal, Program/Project Manager, Life Sciences
  • "Mary's broad IT experience, commitment and interpersonal skills would make her an asset to any change-oriented CIO."

    - CIO, Nonprofit
  • "Few CISO's have the opportunity to partner with the level of IT and business experience that Mary Patry brings to the table. If you get the opportunity, do it! Her unique blend of executive coaching and IT management capability enables us to produce a Security and Risk Strategy that was inclusive and comprehensive with an actionable roadmap. We could not have done it without her."

    - CISO, Pharmaceutical
  • "As a new Global Executive Director, Mary's assistance was instrumental in preparing me for the expectations and challenges ahead. She provided practical examples, roadmaps, templates and her experiences to assist me in this new role. We worked extensively on my first 90 days and how I would be demonstrating executive leadership, and developing/delivering my vision. All of which were successfully completed."

    - Global IT Executive Director, Life Sciences
  • "Mary Patry and I partnered to deliver a complex business system that many said could not be done. Mary's passion for technical excellence and commitment to delivering business results through people, process, and technology enabled the impossible"

    - COO. Financial Services
  • "Mary has an incredible ability to manage through change bringing a vision and purpose to those around her. Mary provided me with insights and inspiration when I decided to retire and then again when I joined a new employer as the CIO."

    - CIO, Biotechnology