Accelerating Team Leadership

Team leadership capability is the foundation of a successful organization. The leadership foundation requires the right people, in the right role, with the right skills and processes to enable the “ways of working” as a team toward common goals. In support of these goals, IT Directors and Managers must move from siloed individuals to functional leaders and coaches who think of the team over themselves.

Program Overview

Throughout the Accelerated Leadership Team program, participants will not only hone their leadership capabilities but also learn to communicate effectively in the language of the business. As a bonus, each participant has access to three or six hours of individual leadership coaching, providing personalized guidance to enhance their development. Additionally, the program offers an optional 360-degree Team Leadership Presence Assessment, enabling leaders to gain valuable insights into their effectiveness and how they are perceived within their teams. This comprehensive approach ensures that by the end of the program, leaders are well-equipped to foster a collaborative and high-performing team environment.


Kick-off: Contract and Agreement Signature

Who: IT Director, Managers, High Potentials

How: Highly interactive team or group discussions per program options contracted

Where: Zoom video conference – no travel required

Investment: Fixed price relationship based on team and group needs

Registration: Let's Talk! – 30 Minute Discovery Discussion - Complimentary strategy session designed to explore needs and options