“We build on your strengths as an IT leader and professional to create the future you want. Working together, you’ll gain clarity on how to improve your career and achieve your goals.”

Who does a C-Level information technology (IT) executive turn to when they need to talk through their challenges?
When they’re confronted by issues that are not quickly or easily resolved? When they’re experiencing self-doubt about their decision-making.

They seek someone with whom they share a high level of executive experience and a deep grounding in technology.
They also find someone with the capacity to understand, appreciate, and advise them effectively.  They realize what is needed is someone to consult with who understands their world, who has faced similar challenges themselves and has
a valuable perspective that will be of real value.

Mary Patry, the founder of ITeffectivity, is just the right person. Her training and experience in providing effective consultation are matched by her years as an IT executive. She not only understands the person; she understands
their world, eliminating the need to explain the context and get straight to the point.

From strategic planning to executive coaching training to solution design to help keep implementation on track,
Mary helps IT executives put things in perspective to improve their performance and keep them moving upward
and to the right.


Helping Executives Improve Their Team

ITeffectivity goes well beyond advising senior IT executives offering programs that support their selected subordinates to improve interpersonal and leadership
skills. Programs are often customized to resolve specific conflicts or other challenges confronting these teams.

People are the most critical component of any business operation. ITeffectivity is designed to be your trusted partner, an objective outsider with the skills and experience to provide real

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Core Competencies

  • IT Executive Coaching & Advising 
  • Technical People Leader Team & Group Coaching 
  • IT Women Leadership Advancement 
  • IT Capability and Performance Diagnostics 
  • Enterprise IT Program Management 
  • Workshops
  •  Keynote Speaking


  • Customized IT executive coaching and advisory programs

  • Focused IT Group and Team Leadership Program

  • 40 years IT executive leadership

  • Seven years of IT Executive Coaching

  • International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Info-Tech Authorized Partner

  • Bates EXPi Certified (Executive Presence Assessment)

Meet the Team

Mary J Patry, PCC 

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Martha Hein


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