We build on your strengths as an IT leader and professional to create the future you want. Working together, you’ll gain clarity on how to improve your career and achieve your goals.

ITeffectivity was founded by Mary Patry with the sole intent of helping IT leaders to navigate their ever-changing world. Mary’s qualification in filling this role is hard-won, founded on decades of commitment, dedication, and strategic growth. Her sterling reputation in the IT industry is founded on her well-known ability to define the strategy, design, and implementation leadership of actionable IT programs focused on increasing IT value and satisfying the needs of business stakeholders. Beyond the technical skills, however, Mary’s empathy, care, and innate ability to listen set her apart in an increasingly crowded field. By guiding her clients through understanding key motivations and offering the emotional grounding necessary to take on new challenges, Mary helps her clients design a future around the positive core values, priorities, and principles they’ve identified.

         Our Focus

IT Executive

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Our targeted IT Executive Advisory Programs draw from wisdom developed over years of hands-on experience to help the CIO and their direct reports with elevating performance to achieve their definition of success.

Team & Group
Leadership Coaching

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Our team and group coaching programs transform the technical expert into a people leader versed in speaking the language of the business.

Strategy &

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Our unique Strategy and Governance approach directly aligns business imperatives to IT programs and capabilities resulting in building trust and integrity while enabling business outcomes.


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In partnership with Info-Tech Research Group, IT effectivity helps you make informed decisions through diagnostic programs that ask business and IT stakeholders the right questions to ensure you have the inputs necessary to build an effective IT strategy. 

IT Organization
& Design

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An organization capability is a sum of all its parts. Our IT Organization Assessment programs provide an independent perspective with recommendations resulting in improved business relationships and customer satisfaction.

IT Woman

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As women who grew up in the early days of IT, we get the challenges women face every day. Our passion is helping today’s Women in IT to find their voice and develop techniques to self-champion inclusion in the workplace and accelerate their career advancement.

Meet the Team

Mary J Patry, PCC 


Accomplished IT management leader Mary Patry engages her unique combination of leadership experience, values, training, and personality in helping her coaching clients create an attainable, sustainable vision of success.

After over 40 years in the IT industry, Mary stepped away from her corporate executive career to focus on her passion, helping others triumph, personally and professionally. At the heart of Mary’s coaching practice is her desire to create a compelling new vision for her clients’ success and her commitment to providing leadership in identifying key motivations, creating positive solutions, and enabling her coaching clients to set and achieve previously unimagined goals.

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Martha Hein


Martha Hein has over 20 years of experience in IT Portfolio Management and IT Business Operations. Her extensive background in IT strategic sourcing, contract negotiations and vendor relationship management enables her to deliver outstanding business value to clients by optimizing the cost and performance of their IT spend for goods and services. Clients depend on her expert organizational and execution skills to plan, design, build, launch and run effective and efficient business-driven IT solutions. Martha’s mastery of the art of oral and written communications, as well as her amiable manner, make her a favorite in the workplace with internal and external customers, executives, technical and non-technical staff, and vendors.

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